NeTo Game Profiler FX

NeTo Game Profiler FX 0.4

Map keyboard or mouse actions to controller buttons
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Configure any button or axis from your joystick to perform a specific keyboard or mouse action. Create separate profiles for each game you play. Additional features include auto-fire and Force Feedback support.

NeTo Game Profiler FX is a profiler program suitable for any joystick or gamepad. It basically allows the user to map keystrokes or mouse actions to any button or axis of the joystick. Some of its features are:
-Individual settings (profiles) for each game or program
-Map any combination of keystrokes to any button/axis of the joystick
-Analog emulation: Keys are pressed depending on how much you tilt the stick
-Complete mouse emulation (moves, clicks, even mousewheel!)
-Autofire support
-Full Force Feedback support!
-Compatible with DirectX games and applications
-Easy to use scripting system for writing your own profiles in a unlimited set of combinations.

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